My name is Daisy Melissa. I grew up in an immigrant Mexican family.  My parents taught me to pray and enrolled me in Catholic school from 3rd to 12th grade. My heart always wanted God, but I felt so guilty and dirty from sin.  Apparently, despite all odds, God wants me, too.  I know this because He sent his only Son Jesus to save the world.  Jesus died on a cross and paid for all my sins.  He is risen from the dead and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

I started writing when I was in the third grade.  My friends and I wrote mystery novels .  We even sent a letter to publishers, but our work  was rejected with a polite “thank you”.  I wrote a lot through my grade school and high school years and declared a creative writing major my first semester in college.   Shortly afterwards I became a Christian.  I almost gave up on writing, because I realized how hard it is to glorify God and be honest about the brokenness of this world.  Before I quit, God showed me that these two are not necessarily opposites.   In His grace, I write.

Recently I graduated from a small liberal arts college in Michigan. I studied Creative Writing and Japanese. My favorite color is yellow and I love to eat cactus. In my spare time, I like to play with clay in the Ceramics studio. Now that I’ve graduated, I hope to pursue a career as a writer, creating with words just like my Father.

Thanks for reading my posts!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Coming from a Catholic family ro just going to a Catholic school without being Christian? You say you had become Christian at a later stage in life, getting to know God. Did you mean you really got to know the only One God and also got to know the real position of His son? Or did you continue to adhere the Holy Trinity of the Catholic Church and many other protestant denominations?

    Or did you become a Christian who came to see how it was God His son and not God Himself who offered his life for all? And in that believe of the death of Christ (because God can not die) that you want to follow up the orders of Jesus Christ to give witness to the good news, the Gospel of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, and the coming Kingdom of God?

    • Wow, this is a very specific comment. I’m going to say things with which you might not necessarily agree and I might not necessarily explain adequately. Afterall, I’ve only been a Christian for a short while and there are things about God that I won’t ever understand. First of all, I was raised Catholic. I went to church and I wanted to know God. I know God gave me this desire. But I ignored him most of the time because I knew there were things I was doing wrong. It wasn’t until College that I decided whole heartedly to follow Christ. When you ask about the trinity, I am assuming that you do not believe in it. There have been times in my life in which I have struggled with this concept. But God always brings me back to the gospel of John, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” In the majority of the gospel of John, Jesus is almost stoned, not because he was preaching the kingdom of God at hand, but because he calling God father and therefore making himself equal to God. Now if the doctrine of the trinity were false, wouldn’t this be blasphemy? But I believe it’s true that Jesus and the Father are one (as Christ himself says they are in agreement in John 10). There are many, many other reasons why I have accepted the trinity.
      Even though I cannot wrap my mind around how it works, I accept it because it’s what I have understood through his word. Let’s face it, I haven’t seen him face to face. I don’t understand fully yet. But that’s pending. And for the moment all I can trust is that He says who he says He is in His Word. God forgive me if I cannot articulate accurately who he is as an infinite, magnificent entity. I have all eternity with Him to understand.

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