I wanted to be …


Big. As a kid, I’d stand as tall as I could beside my mother and father to measure my progress. I began to set higher standards when I noticed most of my friends had outgrown my parents. At five foot one (and a half), I don’t see eye to eye with many people in Holland, Michigan.  I’ve always wanted to grow (at least another half inch). My 16-year-old little sister passed me about a year ago. People now wonder what year she is in college and ask me if I’ve graduated (high school) yet. On the bright side, according to teenagehealthfreak.com Karina won’t grow much taller, and I can compensate with high heels.
Lately, however, I’ve had this peculiar desire to shrink. It started at Vineyard Church with a little girl in pink leggings and a purple too-too. During worship she led her father by the hand to the front row of the church. As if under a lampshade during a hide-and-seek game, she couldn’t see me and (as far as she knew) no one could see her. Her tiny feet tapping and spinning on the carpet. Her eyes wide open and her heart lost and found in the presence of her Father. “If I were only two feet tall, God,” I prayed, “I’d be willing to be a fool for you.”
I want to tell you something you don’t know. I’m afraid that collectively you know everything. If that were true, you’d be God, and I’d be a monkey’s uncle. We haven’t even begun to understand this world much less the things of the Kingdom of God. So instead I will tell you something that we all know. Whether we accept it or not, that is a different story. God is bigger than all of us. He’s created a universe so ginormous that we don’t even know how big it is. How do I compare myself to an eternal God? How do I measure up? Am I even a bug on your wind shield, God? In the presence of my maker, who am I?
I am tiny and lost in this enormous universe and so are you. Praise God for a love bigger than ourselves. We are found in the presence of our Heavenly Father. As many times as you have heard it Hope College, you are significant in Christ Jesus. Through Him, we have all become Sons and Daughters of God. We are small, but we are loved. Take His hand and make yourself a fool for Him. You can’t see us, and (as far as you know) we can’t see you.